As a student athlete you are part of a college sport team and receive a valuable scholarship which covers costs like study fees, accommodation, food & drinks, sport gear, physio treatment and much more. Most of the times these costs are fully covered by the University.

  • College sport has an extremely high recognition in the USA due to its many fans and a strong
    marketing strategy of the media.
  • There are many private universities in the USA where sport events build an important economical sector. In order to stay competitive, every sports team has a certain budget to recruit the best talents from all over the world.

The answers is based on two criteria – academic and athletic success:

Academic success:

You are a potential candidate for a sports scholarship if you:

  • are about to finish high school in the next 6-24 months
  • are currently enrolled in a University and want to switch to an American University
  • have already finished your bachelor studies and want to pursue a Master’s in the USA

Athletic success:

You are a potential candidate if you are talented enough to compete with other top talents. We have a comparison chart which tells you how high of a level you should have already played in order to be able to compete. Every athlete has to be evaluated individually and the overall package of talent, mentality, physics and potential define your chances of becoming a student athlete.

Get feedback from our experts and take a few minutes to do your own free chances evaluation today.

Every full-study programme is divided into an Undergraduate degree and a Graduate degree.

Undergraduate degree: Equivalent to the European Bachelor studies

  • Duration: 4 years
  • One part consists of the “General Studies”, where mandatory subjects are taught to give you
    a broad general knowledge.
  • In the other part, students choose their “Major”, which defines the general direction of their
    studies. Also, students can always add “Minors” to their studies.


Graduate degree: Equivalent to the European Master studies

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Builds together with the undergraduate program a full-study programme.


Doctoral degree:

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Optionally students can reach a doctor title after successfully finishing there Graduate Degree.
  • The costs of studying in the USA are one of the highest on an international comparison scale.
  • Depending on the university or college the study fees vary between 15.000€ and 40.000€.
  • In addition to the study fees, living on campus (accommodation, food, books etc.) can be quite
  • Living on an American college or university campus can be one of the most unique and memorable experiences of a lifetime. A campus of a more significant university is comparable to a small city – filled with students.
  • A campus consists of academic buildings, sports stadiums, grocery stores, restaurants, canteens, parks, concert venues, student housing, and more.